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Bunkering Down in Challenging Times

Without using expensive materials and engineering, golf superintendents are aware that the overturned sod can be used as the underlay. Get the drainage right using Aquadine or similar material. Get the right sand with adequate percolation and you can be guaranteed a successful bunker that can be effective forever. The essential criteria are positioning, shaping, adequate drainage, and properly percolating sand. Shaping along with positioning are considerations that must take account of storm water and if this is a threat, then a deflecting collar may be required. Drainage is basic and must allow water to proceed out and on.

Sand is critical and as far as we are aware there is only one out there that has the percolation spec to guarantee dry bunkers even in torrential downpours. The USGA percolation standard is set at 500ml per hour and Wicklow Granite Sand percolates at 789 ml per hour. Additionally this sand has the added benefit of being the whitest available bunker sand to be found anywhere in Ireland or the UK. Many of Ireland’s top courses and superintendents stand in testament to the unique qualities of this natural material.

But adding to the attraction of Wicklow Granite bunker sand, build / renovation figures can be over 50% cheaper than the high tech options. Couple this with less maintenance time. Plus the work can be done in-house or by any competent contractor.

The Finest White Bunker Sand from Wicklow Granite

Wicklow Granite provide White Bunker Sand for Golf Courses that is renowned for its texture and beautiful colour. It has unparalleled percolation rates of 796ml/hr and is the whitest bunker sand to be found in Ireland and the U.K. Please go to our Testimonial Page.

Percolation Rate: 796ml. per hour (U.S.G.A. standard required is 500)

PH Levels: 5.4 - 6.3

Pentrometer Value: 2.38kg per cm2

Uniformity Coefficient test results 3 - 4

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