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We supply Breslin’s Bunker Sand throughout The North and we can say that we are very pleased with this product and so too are our customers. It is free draining and the white colour really enhances golf course appearance. There is no sand out there that matches this outstanding material.

Alastair Harrison, Irwin Aggregates.


We are currently refurbishing our bunkers and our approach is to do it the time honoured and traditional way. Breslin’s Sand is our choice for this project.

Paul Thompson Supt.

Lucan GC

We have just finished re-modelling all our bunkers using Breslin’s Sand along with Sportsbond underlay and I would not have any other sand. The first bunker was built in 2009 and it is totally free draining. I am very happy with the results.

Richard Doyle, Supt.

Tullamore GC

We started using Breslin’s sand in our bunkers many years ago, since then our bunkers are never out of play due to the high percolation rate and the white colour of the sand making the bunkers stand out on the course.

Mark Murphy, Superintendent.

Heremitage GC

Installing Breslins Bunker Sand at Hermitage Golf Club has been an important decision in improving the course standards for members and guests. Breslin’s bunker sand is the only one available that performs aesthetically in drainage, percolation, playability and ease of maintenance.

Mark Harrington, Course Superintendent.

Stackstown GC

We started a renovation program of our bunkers a number of years back and have been replacing our existing sand with Breslin’s Sand. We find it is a great colour and is easy to work with and has had a positive impact on the playability and presentation of our bunkers.

Eddie Mulligan, Course Superintendent.

Grange GC – a resounding success

We re-developed all the bunkers in 2009. The combination of the re-design, re-location and the use of “Breslin” bunker sand has been a resounding success. The bunkers now look spectacular and are consistent in the way they play. From a maintenance point of view the new bunkers require far fewer man hours on a daily basis in order to achieve the required standard.

Jon Palmer Course Superintendent.

Killarney Golf & Fishing Club

We are very happy with Breslin Brothers Bunker Sand.

Dave McADoo Supt.